• Be informed: find out about local regulations and restrictions regarding the use of ORVs. Each region may have its own rules. 
  • Give priority: on a shared trail, slow down and always give priority to those who are not on vehicles. Maintain a good distance so that everyone can enjoy their activity safely. 
  • Stay on your trail: only use trails designated for ORVs. Avoid venturing off-trail, as this can damage the ecosystem and put others in danger and cause you to lose valuable rights of way. 
  • Reduce your speed: When approaching residential areas or areas frequented by others, reduce your speed to ensure everyone’s safety. 
  • Pick up your waste: preserve the natural beauty of the regions you pass through. Don’t leave any waste behind and make sure you dispose of it properly. If you can bring your lunch, you have room to take the garbage away with you. 

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