• Use signals: Become familiar with the hand signals commonly used in quad driving to communicate with others. 
  • Respect land boundaries: make sure not to ride on private trails where quad driving is not authorized. Farmlands are not playgrounds for quad riders. 
  • Reduce your speed: When approaching residential areas, moderate your speed so as not to disturb residents or damage the reputation of quads. Kick up too much snow near houses and your right of way melts away faster than a snowflake on a sunny day! 
  • Pay attention to lighting: if you have added additional headlights to your vehicle, make sure to turn them off when you pass other users. Lights installed on the roof of an autoquad are prohibited at all times. 
  • Keep to the right: When turning, practice responsible driving by staying to the right. Avoid skidding, as it damages trails and poses a danger to oncoming drivers. 

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