• Respect local codes of behaviour: find out about the specific rules and access conditions of climbing sites and follow them thoroughly. Don’t forget to remain polite and say hello to the people you meet. 
  • Respect access instructions: contribute to the maintenance of climbing sites by paying access fees and respecting private or restricted areas. 
  • Avoid tailgate parties: when you leave your climb, especially in an urban environment, take your car and move far from the residents surrounding the site if you want to enjoy a get-together. 
  • Share the rock: be aware of other climbers, clear routes as soon as possible, and communicate courteously. 
  • Minimize your impact: pick up your waste, stay on the trails and move away from crowded areas when nature calls. Avoid music or drones, their echo can be heard and can jeopardize communication between climbers. 
  • Have a way to communicate: make sure you can communicate and share your exit plan with your group and with the person remaining at base camp. 

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