• Before you take off: make sure the area you are launching into is open to snow-kiting. If it’s private land, politely ask permission to be there and find out about its provisions for enjoying the sport in this space.  
  • Practice with caution: establish a safe distance from other people on site. If an incident occurs, keep calm, and approach the situation courteously. 
  • Think about others: When you’re not using your equipment, keep it organized and stored away to give others space. Be careful when launching or landing your kite. 
  • Avoid risky areas: the entrance of rivers or streams, currents and salt water are places where water might not be completely frozen over. Be careful of thin ice, barbed wire or fences which may be difficult to see. 
  • Ride the courtesy wave: if you think you can ride wherever and whenever you want, remember that with snow-kiting, it’s your courtesy and your respect that make you a legend. 

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