Water skiing
Motorized water activities

  • Be informed: familiarize yourself with the areas reserved for water skiing and the safety rules that must be respected. 
  • Respect the environment: avoid disturbing aquatic fauna and make sure to keep the water clean. 
  • Pay attention: make sure to concentrate and be vigilant while waterskiing, pay attention to other water activities in the area and adapt your behaviour so as not to disturb them. 
  • Navigate with courtesy: respond to others’ greetings and listen to their needs. Be kind to the boats that tow you and the spectators at the water’s edge.  

Motorized water activities

  • Be informed: be aware of the navigation rules, the required safety equipment, and the particularities of the body of water where you’re boating. 
  • Plan your outing: make a navigation plan that considers others who are on the water and the specifics of the environment. Don’t just rely on Google Maps. 
  • Respect the ecosystem: do not throw waste overboard or empty your toilet into the body of water. It seems obvious, but it’s always worth remembering. 
  • Keep your distance: when you are sailing, be careful not to encroach on the space of other boats. Pay attention and be vigilant at all times, especially in busy areas. 
  • Moderate your volume: avoid loud music, especially when anchoring in the evening. It’s important to maintain the peace and quiet of the area. 

Motorized water activities

  • Be informed: make sure you know and respect the navigation rules specific to personal watercrafts on your body of water. 
  • Keep your distance: when driving your watercraft, maintain a safe distance from other users to prevent any accidents. 
  • Respect the ecosystem: navigate responsibly, be aware of your impact on the water and always act with respect towards the fauna, flora, and others who are enjoying the space. 
  • Watch your speed: in busy areas, slow down to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.