Horseback riding
Non-motorized activities on trails or on the road

  • Prioritize your horse’s well-being: familiarize yourself with the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines and follow its recommendations diligently. 
  • Adhere to the rules: respect the trail regulations and the instructions of the equestrian areas. 
  • You have priority: when you come across hikers or other riders, slow down and greet them. Even if priority is always for those on horseback, give way to them if necessary. 

Roller skiing
Non-motorized activities on trails or on the road

  • Keep your poles close to your sides: when approaching other users, bring your poles close to you or stop using them to avoid disturbing anyone or causing injury. 
  • Overtake carefully: wait until the centre or left lane is clear before overtaking and do so in a responsible way that doesn’t surprise or frighten others. 
  • Announce your presence: advise of your approach, by saying “Watch out on the left!” or “Track!”, for example. This informs those who are on the path of your presence and avoids a potential collision. 
  • Respect the direction of the slopes: always follow the indicated direction of a trail and never go in the opposite direction. 
  • Stay in line: if you are in a group, stay one behind the other so as not to take up too much space and respect other people who are enjoying the space, including cyclists and motorists.

Road biking
Non-motorized activities on trails or on the road

  • Obey the highway code: follow traffic rules, including traffic lights and signs. Avoid driving on the sidewalk. 
  • Respect the direction of the paths: correctly follow the unidirectional or bidirectional direction of the cycling paths, stay on your right, and adapt your speed for better fluidity. 
  • Prioritize pedestrians: always give priority to pedestrians and adapt your speed in shared areas. 
  • Overtake with caution: overtake only when it is safe and appropriate, and clearly announce your intentions to other road users. 
  • Stay predictable: maintain a stable trajectory and avoid sudden or unexpected movements to facilitate coexistence with other vehicles.

Mountain biking
Non-motorized activities on trails or on the road

  • Stay in control: adapt your speed to your abilities to avoid obstacles and choose routes suited to your skill level. 
  • Respect the signs: respect the indications of marked trails and avoid riding on closed trails that became recently wet trails in order to preserve their quality and avoid damage. 
  • Yield: on bi-directional trails, give priority to cyclists going uphill and respect others who are on the trails.   
  • Stop carefully: if you have to stop, choose a visible and safe place, set back from the path, so as not to disturb others. 
  • Offer help in the event of an accident: in the event of an accident, stay on the scene and work with emergency responders or witnesses to offer help if necessary. 
  • Respects others: always communicate before passing others downhill or uphill, leave enough space for the person in front of you and respect their speed.
  • Respect your network:
    • Ride in the path, don’t create your own line.
    • When there are access fees, don’t forget to pay them.
    • Report a break when you observe one on the trail.
    • Get involved in a trail chore.

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