Horseback riding
Non-motorized trail activities

  • Prioritize your horse’s well-being: familiarize yourself with the Code of Practice for the Care and Handling of Equines and follow its recommendations diligently. 
  • Adhere to the rules: respect the trail regulations and the instructions that are reserved for equestrian areas.
  • You have priority: when you come across hikers or other riders, slow down and greet them. Even if priority is always for those on horseback, give way to them if necessary. 

Non-motorized trail activities

  • Respect the trails: make sure you stay on the trails reserved for your activity. Avoid walking on trails marked for skiers in order to preserve their quality. 
  • Respect priorities: let skiers pass, they always have priority. Maintain a safe distance and allow them to pass without hindrance on shared paths. 
  • Make the work of trail-makers easier: if you take a shared circuit, walk to the side to avoid damaging the ski trail. It also helps maintain a harmonious relationship between people who practice different activities. 
  • Don’t obstruct the trail: when you take a break, move to the side of the path to provide room for others. 
  • Pick up your trash: make sure you leave the trails clean by picking up your trash (even the smallest pieces!).

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Fat biking
Non-motorized trail activities

  • Adapt your speed: reduce your speed depending on snow and ice conditions to avoid accidents. Make sure to exercise caution, especially on descents. 
  • Respect others: give priority to pedestrians and adapt your speed accordingly. Don’t forget to announce your presence in a courteous and considerate manner. 
  • Give warning when you’re passing: warn others in a courteous and respectful manner when you wish to overtake them.  
  • If you stop: stand to the side of the path so as not to obstruct traffic. 
  • Avoid skidding: control your speed on descents and avoid skidding to preserve the trails. 

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